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What is HeroLinks?

Think of HeroLinks as your own personal website. It is a single link that you can use to easily connect your audience to all of your content in one place. It enables you to share many links at once, so your followers, visitors and customers can find everything they are looking for quickly.

What is HeroLinks used for?

You can add your HeroLinks to your bio on social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram, include it in your email signatures, and even display it as a QR code (that way you can connect your offline and online audiences).

Why do I need HeroLinks?

Bio links are the new personal website. Platforms like Instagram Twitter and TikTok only allow one link in the bio. Using HeroLinks lets you link all of your pages – websites, social profiles, videos and music – making it easier for your audience to discover all of your content.

Is this yet another link-in-bio website?

Well, yes, but with a difference. We are completely and utterly free to use for everyone, from freelancers to agencies. Plus, we will make sure we have all the features you want, ready to use when you want them.

How is HeroLinks different from others?

HeroLinks has all the features of the major link-in-bio websites, but it’s completely free. We don't require you to pay a single penny for anything. We're adding more features every day and everything we add will be completely free as well.

Is it really 100% free?

It is. All the features you enjoy — analytics, themes, embeds — will be free for you, forever. We think of ourselves as the Wikipedia of the link-in-bio world.

How do you make money?

Good question! We currently accept donations, but we're introducing merchandizing, affiliate sponsorships and Discord memberships. But we'll never compel you to pay for any of these and they're never tied to any features.

I have a new feature I'd like done. Will you be able to add it?

Of course! We're adding more features every day. Send us an email at and we'll assess it and we'll let you know within 48-72 hours. If we are able to, we'll add it to our roadmap for a future release.

Why did you guys build HeroLinks?

Honestly speaking, we built HeroLinks because we were sick and tired of having to pay money (in today's economy) just so we can design our buttons the way we want, or to lock our links, or even change the background color to what we want!

How do you guys make money?

We make money through small donations made by our community, or through our affiliate stores. We don't sell ads nor do we sell our users' data.

Is my data safe?

HeroLinks does not track any personal data of your visitors. We don't track you. We take privacy and security seriously. We run on the robust Amazon infrastructure. We also take periodic backups and force SSL encryption across the platform.

Can I create more than one HeroLinks page?

Yes, you can. It is common to have separate pages for creators with multiple brands. However, we discourage the behavior of reserving and holding valuable usernames.

I love the product! How can I show my appreciation?

Tell your friends how much you love your HeroLinks! You can also make a small donation, or buy something from any of our stores. You'll find a link to donate when you sign-in to HeroLinks.

How can I support you guys so that HeroLinks can remain sustainable?

Please make a donation. We don't want to be rich, just to pay our bills. You'll find a link to donate when you sign-in to HeroLinks.

I have a question. How do I contact you?

Sure! Please send us an email at

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